About Us

Brayton Energy Canada, specializes in heat exchangers. Our engineers have extensive experience with innovative designs for many small and large-scale energy projects, spanning hybrid gas-turbine vehicles, renewable energy systems next generation nuclear and more.
We also provide diverse mechanical design services to help you realise your projects. Our expert engineering team members have studied, published and worked extensively to help companies gain a competitive advantage through our expertise in:
Novel heat exchangers for:
Gas turbine systems, transportation, fuel reformers, advanced nuclear power plants
Gas-turbine for:
Biomass conversion, fuel-cell hybrid
power, vehicle hybrid systems
Utility-scale solar power plant
Innovative coating technologies
Building mechanical systems:
Seismic & wind, acoustic, pressure
vessels,piping, prototyping and
equipment integration
We are able to meet your needs in a cost efficient manner through a work structure which is flexible and adaptable to your changing needs and priorities.