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Heat Exchanger

Brayton Energy Canada specializes in heat exchangers. Our engineers have extensive experience with innovative designs for many small and large-scale energy projects, spanning hybrid gas-turbine vehicles, renewable energy systems, next generation nuclear and more.
Brayton Energy Canada has developed a patent pending ultra-compact heat exchanger of its own to provide a solution for applications where weight and size are critical. Our heat exchanger has been assessed to be over 200 times more compact than conventional tube-in-shell heat exchangers for one application and less then one-third of the volume of some of the most compact intercoolers on the market at this time. Our wire mesh heat exchanger technology can be tailored to any application. We can achieve specific surface areas in excess of 20000 m2 / m3, making this product one of the most compact solutions available.

Ultra Compact Heat Exchanger for Industrial Processes

Ultra Compact Heat Exchangers are required for high end power generation processes where space allowances are critical. We at Brayton Energy Canada have developed a novel heat exchanging device that is ideal for both industrial and transportation applications. Our patented wire mesh heat exchanger technology features enhanced heat transfer capability, which results in a highly compact solution with excellent versatility for a broad range of applications. We have gained extensive experience in the field of heat exchanger design by working on various projects involving gas-gas heat exchangers for both high temperature and moderate temperature applications, as well as our innovative mesh-type ultra-compact heat exchanger design.
Custom heat exchanger design is our specialty. Our technical team focuses on your application specific requirements in order to develop a tailor-made Ultra Compact Heat Exchanger that will meet your needs. As a full-service engineering firm, our team can apply its knowledge and experience to successfully implement a custom heat exchanger design from initial concept to reality.
Brayton Energy Canada has worked on many heat exchanger designs in the past, including gas-gas exchangersliquid-gas exchangers and our mesh-type heat exchanger. BEC has a versatile toolbox of experience that can be used to assist you in finding the best solution for your specific needs.
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